Each day that goes by my husband and I exclaim how much we love our new home, and it is really a new home.

When we bought our house, it had been cheaply remodeled into a student rental, with a separate exterior entrance and vanity in each bedroom, extremely high ceilings, and no consideration given to practicality or aesthetics in the living areas. We thought we could reside in it, but quickly realized that it would be difficult. We immediately started changing the exterior bedroom entrances into windows and removing the vanities. 

As we changed the house to make it slightly more livable, we realized that there were major structural design problems that we could not solve by ourselves, which we pointed out to each other over the dinner table nightly, growing increasingly frustrated. After 13 years of frustration, we had eventually compiled a list of 51 major problems and changes wanted, but had no idea how to proceed or who to contact.

A good friend recommended Frauke Zajac, who had just completed our friend’s remodel. Frauke met with us, toured our house and talked with us about the list of problems and desires we had made. Frauke listened. After a couple weeks, she returned with suggested plans. We were shocked that she had not only incorporated solutions to the problems, but also pointed out even more problems, and suggested remedies to them as well. Frauke made suggestions to incorporate new simplicity, function and beauty in our home, while leaving the basic shell intact. Frauke had brilliant ideas we never dreamed of, but immediately loved. After a few more design changes and improvements, we agreed on the design and settled on a plan. Throughout the planning process, we had kept an open mind to her ideas, as she had to ours.

Frauke was able to suggest contractors with whom she had successfully worked. The one we selected was extraordinary, and finished our job within the contracted time.

Frauke not only provided the plans, but also guided us through the city planning process. She then suggested local companies for products and accompanied us on visits to select a fireplace, tile, flooring, appliances, cabinetry, doors, window covers, lighting, paint and door and cabinet hardware when we requested assistance. She visited the site when construction was in progress. She was available whenever we needed help. 

Frauke is very conscientious, thoroughly knowledgeable and extremely personable. We loved working with her and recommend her without question to help plan your new home or remodel.

—Stella and Ron


Frauke Zajac designed the remodel of our entire home. She created a beautiful space that we love living in. She took our project to its completion beginning with drafting the plans, overseeing the county permit process, being involved with the construction progress, and assisting with interior design decisions.

Frauke is artistic, easy-going, detail-oriented, and mindful of her clients’ wishes. If you are looking for a first-rate home designer, Frauke should be your choice.

—Joanne and Ken