About Frauke

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany in 1989 with an engineering degree in interior architecture. I credit the earliest design influence in my life to my parents, who both have backgrounds in the design industry and shared their passion for building and textile design with me from a young age.

I have been practicing architectural and interior design in private practice in Santa Cruz county and the Bay Area for 17 years, after learning about American building and construction standards by working with local architectural firms for several years.

I bring a European influence to my design work. Good craftsmanship, use of quality, sustainable materials,and creating efficient and sensible layouts are important goals in working with my clients to achieve their unique vision of their home.

The building process is a collaborative effort involving client, designer, engineers, environmental consultants, local planning agencies and contractors. I strive to be supportive of my clients wishes and the work of all team members involved in an effort to create a beautiful home for my clients to enjoy.